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Welcome to the UNFR Website!
The United Nations of Fallen Regions is a place where refugee nations from regions torn apart by war, or simply getting too large for that individual, come and stay awhile until they recooperate, or make a permanent home out of it. You can be guaranteed UNFR will never fight, invade, or do anything else to disrupt this region. So, if you're a refugee nation who wants a second chance, or a big supporter of our cause, join the UNFR.

Here's a little explaination to where each link will bring you.

  • The Home link will take you back here (which is pretty unnecessary).
  • The Map link will show you our regional map and, for new nations of UNFR, help you choose an available plot and get on it.
  • The Constituion link will show the Constitution of the United Nations of Fallen Regions, the basis on which this region was created.
  • The Histories link will give you the histories of how the nations of UNFR came to be (of those nations who submitted one)
  • The Government link will list all members of the government, there titles, and explainations of these title names.
  • The Forums link will redirect you to our offsite forums, to debate about the new proposal or why llamas are cooler than iguanas.